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Lieutenant Spencer Wolfe

Name Spencer Wolfe

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 185
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Spencer is tall and tall, usually clean shaven but on occasion can have a five o'clock shadow. His blue eyes tend to make a person feel as if he is studying them.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Jack
Mother Brittany
Sister(s) Kerry

Personality & Traits

General Overview Spencer is friendly when he meets people and tries to make them feel comfortable in his presence.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is empathetic and listens, but can also be very extravagant and a bit of a workaholic. Gets too close to his patients in that he wants to save everyone, has had a hard time learning he cannot. He is patient and forgives easily.
Hobbies & Interests Spencer enjoys relaxing, camping, going to the movies, reading, and many sports.

Personal History Spencer was born the oldest of child, his father was a programmer and his mother was an author. He grew up in the country with his brother and sister.

At the age of twelve, Spencer's father was found in the garage where he had hung himself, it was his his Kerry who found him. Spencer stepped in as the absent father to his siblings and spent a lot of time talking with Kerry and trying to help her cope with the loss.

It was when he was in high school and tended to talk to his friend Drake about his problems that a school guidance counselor took him under his wing, seeing Spencer's potential and encourage him to become a counselor.

Spencer and Drake went to the academy together, Drake joined the security program while Spencer went into counseling. They roomed together while at the academy, dated twin sisters, Hannah and Hiliary. Once that graduated, Drake and Hiliary got married while Spencer and Hannah decided to call it quits. Drake and Spencer are still in contact with Spencer being the godfather and listed as the person to be Drake's two childrens guardian should something happen to him and his wife.

Spencer was assigned to Starfleet Headquarters under Dr. Ortega. They immediately bonded and Spencer embraced all the things the middle aged counselor could teach him, rising to lieutenant junior grade.

In 2427 he was assigned to the USS Langston with all the confidence and experience he needed. He served there two years when he was assigned to the USS Pioneer.
Service Record 2429-Present
USS Pioneer

USS Langston

Starfleet Headquarters

Starfleet Academy
Counseling Field