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Lieutenant Jessica Scott

Name Jessica Brianne Scott

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 128
Hair Color blond
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Jessica is tall with pale skin. Her hazel eyes are expressive and she is in great shape.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Michael
Mother Louise
Brother(s) Axel, Walter, Daniel Griffiths (half brother) deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jessica isn't a chatty person, but tends to wait for others to speak to her. She often is confused with being disinterested but in reality she focuses on the issue at hand. Once she feels comfortable, she is open and friendly.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jessica focuses well and is loyal. She is punctual and reliable. Follows orders well.

She can be stubborn and stingy.
Ambitions promotions

Personal History Jessica grew up in a wealthy neighborhood. Both of her parents were in the medical field, hence her interest and eventual career in medicine. Olivia didn't choose to be a doctor to make her parents happy or because she was coerced in that direction but because she was fascinated with watching her mother in her private practice and always wanted to be like her. Olivia's parents divorced when she was just a newborn baby.

Jessica visited her father but not all that often. When she was allowed to go, she was happy as she got to spend time with her half brother, Daniel, a product of an affair her father had had. Olivia enjoyed spending time with him when she visited. He listened to her and gave her advice but when she was with her mother, she never mentioned him or her time there as her mother would become agitated. It has always been Jessica's greatest regret that she didn't attend Daniel’s funeral when he was murdered.

Jessica went to medical school and eventually transferred to Starfleet medical where she finished her studies. While there she dated Jeremiah Scott. They dated through their time at Starfleet but towards the end of her time there, Jessica sensed a change. She came home from studies one day and found Jeremiah in bed with another man. During the coming scene between them, Jessica found out Jeremiah had been using her all along in hopes her mothers influence would help him in his studies which he struggled through. Jessica graduated with high scores while Jeremiah ended up leaving due to poor grades.

After graduation, she interned on the USS Alabama. It was there she slowly recovered from the betrayal of Jeremiah. As is usual with things what happens in life changes a person. Jessica learned while serving there to become job focused and steer away from relationships of the heart. She dedicated herself to doing the best job she could, volunteered for extra shifts and found herself quickly becoming an ensign and at the end of her time, transferring to the USS Pioneer and being promoted to the rank of lieutenant junior grade.
Service Record 2429 - Present
USS Pioneer
Medical Officer

USS Alabama
Medical Intern

Starfleet Academy - Medical Program