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Lieutenant Andrea Winston

Name Andrea Lorraine Winston

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4 Feet
Weight 125 Pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Andrea has no visible marks or tattoos on her body. She is physically fit, and takes great pride in that.


Spouse Single: Dating Harley Jackson
Children N/A
Father Andre Winston, 55
Mother Lorraine Winston, 55
Brother(s) Michael Winston, 35 & Timothy Winston 32
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Andrea is very ambitious, and career driven. She is very accepting of everyone she meets and works with on regular basis. From a young age, Andrea knew she wanted to explore the universe, and reach out to the stars. It was not till she made into high school, did she discover she had a passion for temporal investigations.

Andrea likes to think of herself as dependable and determined to accomplish any goals set out in front of her. She has worked hard to earn a department of her own. She has proven since the start of her career, that others can trust in her.

She has a natural curiosity about life, the universe, and its meaning. She joined temporal investigations to gain a better understanding. She was excited when she joined temporal investigations as a field agent.

Andrea is a very orderly person, very by the book and attention to detail. She also has a very perceptive mind to match her temperance for all things. She knows that things happen for a reason, and trusts that things will work out in the end. She is not a religious person, but does believe in fate. Thinking that everything has happened, as it was meant to happen.


Andrea can be a little blunt at times. She has good intentions, but sometimes she feels the needs to come directly to the point, if a person is not understanding. She tries to be a tactful and respectful but the ⅛ Vulcan in her, wants to be more direct and to the point.

Andrea loves to shop, pick up new items. She is very materialistic. Has her eyes open for the next great deal or bargain. Loves to take advantage of her temporal time travels, and pick up items from different centuries.

Andrea is a little nosy, its partially why she became a temporal agent. She wants to learn more. Not just the cosmetic reasoning why they are here. But why we are all here. Why was person a chosen to be here at this time and person b chosen to 100 years later. She is a big believer we are exactly where were are suppose to be.

Andrea feels that being a temporal agent, she is breaking fate and risking it all. But her nosiness and curiosity get the best of her. She can be stubborn, and slow to change.
Ambitions Andrea wants to become an Admiral, wants to run the entire Diplomatic Program. She feels that she could do a better job.
Hobbies & Interests Andrea loves to collect little artifacts and souvenirs. She also has a love for water sports and the outdoors. She loves to explore the wilderness of any planet they visit. One of her favorite sports is white water kayaking. She loves to scan the terans of new planets and create a holo program, so she can white water kayak down them.

Personal History The Early Years (2401 - 2406)

Andrea was born on October 14, 2401. She grew up on the USS Arlington under the command of Admiral Dillon Llewellyn. Her parents served on the Cheyenne Class Heavy Cruiser as science officers. They raised her on the Arlington, until her Father was offered a Second Officer role and Chief Science officer position in 2407.

Andrea remembers a lot of her childhood, thanks to her vulcan part of her brain. She is able to retain information, this has been a blessing and a curse at the same time. She remembers good times on the ship, and becoming friends with Salis Toral, the nicest first officer, starfleet could ever ask for.

She was still young, to make any real lasting friendships. But she loved playing with the school kids on Earth Spacedock. They all thought she was adorable. Andrea was eager to please everyone, at first she loved the attention. It was not till she started grammar school, did she learn that she did not like the attention. She noticed no one took you serious when you were cute and adorable, she wanted to be taken very seriously. She was determined to be do well by her peers and in her academic in grammar school.

Grammar School Years (2406 - 2416)

Andrea enrolled into grammar school in the fall of 2406 aboard the USS Arlington, at the age of six, she dedicated herself to her studies. She was very determined, and short tempered. She was young, and did not understand why the other kids in her class, were not as dedicated as she was to their education.

Andrea did not like the fact the first semester of her kindergartner year that she had no friends. She decided that she wanted to change that. She reached out and started to make friends. She was breaking out of her shell. But she did not let her grades slip, she focused on trying to be friends with the kids, but it became harder, the older they got. She was already working on middle school at the age of 9 and high school materials by her 12th birthday.

The further she accelerated academically the more challenging she found it to be around her friends. Her teachers wanted to push her into the next grade. She had not completed grammar school, when they talked about placing her into high school. Against her wishes, her parents thrusted her into high school courses.

High School Years (2416 - 2419)

At the age of 12 she felt alone and isolated. None of the high school kids wanted to socialize with her. Andrea felt like they were threatened by her intelligence. She could understand why no one would talk to her.

The next four years were hell for her. She was ready to call it quits on her academics, when she was approached by Starfleet Recruiters, her junior year. They wanted her to her to apply in temporal mechanics, and become a temporal agent. Andrea was a little hesitant at first.

Even though she was hesitant, her curiosity was sparked. So her final year in high school she started to take more temporal mechanic courses, to prepare her for the academy. Her final year gave her focus, and she pulled out of her emotional depression, and committed herself to being top of her class.

Academy Years (2419 - 2424)

At the age of 18 Andrea enrolled into starfleet academy, joined the Security division at the academy. She spent the next four years, preparing and learning how to become a Security officer for Starfleet Security Investigations.

The first couple of years, her junior classmates pretty much ignored her, but after she started to tutor some of her fellow classmates, they started to open up to her. She finally felt like people were giving her a chance. She started to speak to a counselor, about how she was feeling. She did not want to lose her new friends.

By her 22nd birthday she realized that friends were not as important, as she thought they would be. She realized that her career with time traveling would not afford her to make long term friendships. But the opportunity to time travel, was to much of a reward. She started to understand what her parents and teachers were trying to teach back in grammar school.

Andrea felt academically she was ready for her first assignment, socially she felt very behind. She felt that the past 22 years had been a waste, socially. She decided to focus on being more compassionate and carrying. However she did not want to stop being driven and dedicated to her duties.

USS Yamato (2424 - 2429)

Andrea spent the next 5 years, working her way up to Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer. She worked her way up the ranks. She was offered two promotions to chief, when turned them both down, first being on a station, and the second being on Vulcan. Despite being part Vulcan, she did not like the heat from the planet.

On the USS Yamato, Andrea had several opportunities, to meet new races, and help bring in several new races into the Federation. She almost turned down the position in 2429. A position opened up on the USS Pioneer and she took it.
Service Record 2429 - Present
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Rank: Lieutenant

2424 - 2429
USS Yamato
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
Rank: Ensign to Lieutenant

2419 - 2424
Starfleet Academy
Rank: Cadet to Ensign