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Captain Adria Solwick

Name Adria Krisna Solwick

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazed
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7 Feeet
Weight 122 pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Has long legs and a slender body. Has no defining tattoos or scars.


Spouse Dating Brendan Miles
Children N/A
Father Izaro Solwick (Admiral)
Mother Treyla Solwick (Admiral)
Brother(s) Izaro Chameer Solwick, 37
Sister(s) Astria Krisna Solwick, 35
Other Family Krisna Solwick, Grandma
Knole Solwick, Grandpa

Personality & Traits

General Overview Adria is a very by the book officer, with a dry sense of humor. She puts her duty to the ship first. When she is not working, she can be found in cardio exercise classes or leading them. Even though she has a dry sense of humor, she is very nice and approachable. Adria was hand chosen by Fleet Admiral Tyler Malbrooke to replace him as commanding officer of the USS Pioneer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Caring, multi-tasking, empathic, diligent, loyal, flexible, great listener and career driven.

Weakness: Dry sense of humor can sometimes give people the idea that she does not think their joke is funny. She has a hard time expressing her emotions through humor or laughter. She tends to be a little reserved.
Ambitions To witness a miracle.
Hobbies & Interests Adria enjoys reading, cardio workouts, long walks and holodeck time. She has also has a love for all things Earth 21st Century. (Movies, books and music) She enjoys the occasional game of racquetball, but would prefer to have her exercise be on a stationary bike or a cardio class.

Personal History The Early Years:

Adria was born in 2389 to Izaro and Treyla Solwick aboard the USS Boadicea. She was raised on a Starfleet vessel, her parents were both Starfleet officers, Her Father being the Chief Operations officer, while her mother served as Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Adria grew up loving Starfleet. She could not wait until her 18th birthday to apply to the academy.

Adria is the first of 3 children. She grew up, in a fun loving home. Adria grew up being a little daddy’s girl. She loved her mother very much, but she favored her daddy. She found him easier to manipulate, to get what she wanted.

She really did not have very many boyfriends, growing up. A lot of kids, in Stafleet did not understand telepaths, so she felt alone. They were nice to her, no bullying going on, but she felt that people kept their distance from her. She did have a couple of best friends.

Adria focused really hard on academics, and listened to her parents, when they told her not to worry about men. Arranged marriage can be made, if needed. Her mother was not going to force the marriage, unlike Adria’s Grandma.

Starfleet Academy:

Adria joined Starfleet in 2407 and completed the Academy in 2411 and was assigned to the USS Tomica, Control Flight Officer for Gamma Shift. She graduated the academy and was given a commission of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Adria joined Starfleet in 2407 as a Starfleet Cadet. She enrolled in flight operations, in starfleet to become a certified pilot. Adria focused on her career. She spent most of her free time, studying. By her junior year, she signed up for the command program. She wanted to get her command, like her parents did.

2409, Adria entered the Command Program, and continued with Flight Operations. This occupied all of her free time. She was assigned to the USS Tomica, as a Cadet for her training cruise. She spent 6 months on the Tomica, when the Iconian War started. After a few engagements during the war, she was promoted to Ensign.

The Iconian War ended in 2410, and Adrai was allowed to return to the academy. She completed her studies in 2411, and was assigned to the USS Tomica. She was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Starfleet Career:

Adria worked her way up the ranks on the USS Tomica to Chief Control Flight Officer. She started this journey on the USS Tomica in 2411, and by that summer, she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Adria started on the Gamma shift of the USS Tomica in 2411, and assisted in flight operations and and command operations. By 2414 she was offered the Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer position on the USS Tomica.

By 2418, she was promoted to Chief Control Flight Officer and remained in that position until 2422. She was made second officer of the USS Tomica.

By 2426, Adria was offered a promotion to First Officer of the USS Pioneer. She held that position, until Fleet Admiral Tyler Malbrooke, decided to retire from Starfleet. His aging Intrepid Class Starship, was being retired with him. Most of the crew, was reassigned, and Adria was waiting for her next assignment.

By 2429, Adria was offered command of the USS Pioneer. She was hand picked by Fleet Admiral Tyler Malbrooke, to take over his former command. Adria would be given command of a new Vivace Class Heavy Cruiser.
Service Record 2429- Present
- Assigned: USS Pioneer, Commanding Officer

2426 - 2428
- Assigned: USS Pioneer, Executive Officer
- Promoted to Commander (2426)

2422 - 2426
- Assigned: USS Tomica, Second Officer & Chief Control Flight Officer
- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (2422)

2418 - 2422
- Assigned: USS Tomica, Chief Control Flight Officer

2414 - 2418
- Assigned: USS Tomica, Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer
- Promoted to Lieutenant (2414)

2411 - 2414
- Assigned: USS Tomica, Control Flight Officer

2407 - 2411
Attended and completed Starfleet Academy
- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, after Academy Completion
- Promoted to Ensign during Iconian War

- Graduated High School

- Born on 12/12/2389